Services We Provide


Infertility Evaluation

If you are not able to conceive after one year of sexual intercourse, or if you are 35 or older, it can be considered as an infertility evaluation. Read More Make an appointment now with Dr Rekha Gupta, one of the top infertility Specialists in Kanpur. A standard evaluation of fertility includes medical and physical exams, sexual histories of both partners, and other tests. Hide details..



IVF, In Vitro Fertilisation, is one of the most famous techniques that can cure most of the problems associated with fertility in the country. Read More This treatment can be applied for both, women as well as men. IVF is a laboratory process in which sperms are either injected into the egg (Oocyte) in a petridish for achieving fertilisation. If fertilised, the resultant embryos will then be transferred into the female’s uterus. Hide details..


High-Risk Pregnancy Care

We provide early and regular prenatal care that would help you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery without any complications. Read More We perform special monitoring of your blood pressure, diabetes, and other health conditions throughout your pregnancy as it is necessary to understand the risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy. Hide details..



IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is a fertility treatment procedure that involves placing the washed and prepared sperm inside the uterus Read More of a woman so as to facilitate fertilisation. IUI is performed to increase the sperm count that will reach the fallopian tubes and ultimately increase the chances of fertilisation. Hide details..


Laparoscopic Surgery

We at Sanjeevni Infertility and Test Tube Baby Centre offer laparoscopic surgery for the purpose to examine the organs inside the abdomen. Read More This procedure is also called as diagnostic laparoscopy and is a surgical procedure that requires smaller incisions. A minute incision is made on the wall of the abdomen through which the laparoscope is inserted into the abdominal area and keeps sending the real-time images. This allows your healthcare provider to see inside your body clearly and obtain the samples for biopsy without performing open surgery. Laparoscopy is needed to identify the source of complications in the abdominal area or the pelvis. Hide details..